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Renewal Offer


I had a Virgin cold caller at my door yesterday.
To be honest the specs and deals look good considering noone else can give the speeds where I am. 

Apparently the Rep has been with Virgin "for 12 years", but I don't sign up on the doorstep, and I like a record of conversations. 

So please see the attached question and answer I was given by text. Am I right to be suspicious?


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Re: Renewal Offer

The pricing is the same as what is showing on the VM website

but I wouldn't bet the farm on actually being given that 'guaranteed' price come renewal time in 18 months, nor even of being able to make contact with the sales rep come the time.

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Re: Renewal Offer

Hi @PaddywackDave 

It's a few years back now but when I first joined VM I had been checking using my postcode on the VM website but hadn't actually signed up.

A few days later I received a visit from a VM sales rep and I signed up via them. I even managed to get a free TV as part of the deal which hadn't been available when I was checking online.The slaes rep also gave me his mobile number in case I had any issues.

The sales rep said he would get in touch with me again in a years time when my discount was due to finish (the initial contract was for 12 months)

True to his word he called me again when the discount was ending and offered me the current new customer price, however to take advantage of that I would either have to take a new contract in my sisters name (we share the house) or take out a new account in my name but have a new phone number as the systems wouldn't allow me to keep the same number. I'd already been in touch with retentions anyway and arranged a new pricing that I was happy with.

As per @goslow the rep couldn't guarantee the same price (although he did offer the 'current' new customer deal available at the time of renewal) 

There is also the small matter that the rep may not even still be employed by VM come renewal time.


I don't work for Virgin Media.

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