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Re reouting internal cable

Joining in

Hi I need my internal wiring moved as I am re decorating my front room and will need the wiring possibly moved up as the new skirting will be higher than my current one and where the wire comes through the wall the hole will be too low. How do I go about getting this sorted? Cheers


Alessandro Volta

Phone in and request a tech visit for a non-fault call out to change the wiring. Cost should be £25.

See 'Technician Appointments (where chargeable)' at the link below

Thanks for your reply. Is there no other way other than phoning in? Wait times can be quite long.


Alessandro Volta

You can try phoning at 08:00 when the lines first open which may result in a shorter wait.

Here's a link from the recent past on other contact methods.

I can't vouch for the reliability of any of them

Or, as advised by Tudor, wait on the forum for a few days for a reply. You won't necessarily get a VM reply here in 'Community Natter' as VM generally don't reply here unless a moderator or VIP moves the topic to a technical forum or the same people flag your topic for a reply here.

Edit: Looks like someone has tried to move your topic but the topic is now split with Tudor's reply in 'Quick Start' and your original still in 'Community Natter'