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Rate my renewal and how I should proceed

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My current deal ends beginning of November. I have the top volt package (all movies, sports, 2 boxes, 1gig speed etc).

I’m paying £65pm plus £25pm o2. They have offered me the same deal for £75pm. I’m assuming my o2 contract won’t have any fixed term added on top of it and I can cancel that whenever?

Should I take this deal or do the usual I want to cancel process?



Alessandro Volta

That's actually a very good deal for the broadband and TV, although it will have the locked-in price escalator early next year.

As for the O2 contract, if you intend to keep the O2 service that shouldn't be a problem but it would be worth checking that the broadband offer isn't conditional. 

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @rujur6 

My general advice is if you are in two minds about a deal then accept it there and then  as most of the time it won't be available if you try on a different call or date.  You can always fall back on the 14  day cooling off period if you change  your mind.

I note you said you have the top Volt package, from what you've listed it's the Ultimate Volt bundle.

You need to be extra careful when negotiating a new deal moving forward,

VM changed their packages on 1st September and TNT Sports is no longer included in any packages, it's now a standalone addon for an extra £18 per month, so new customers or those recontracting/negotiating new deals need to ask for those channels to be included. 

Also the Ultimate Volt bundle now comes with M500 broadband, it's an extra £6 a month for Gig1 broadband.

The extra set top box is no longer included in any VM bundles/tiers.  An additional set top box will now be £10 a month extra, and if you require a 3rd set top box then thats another £5 per month.

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Thats actually quite a good deal for that package bearing in mind the times.

You dont need to keep the O2 SIM to go with that deal.


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Seems ok, I was on £60 a month for the same and £25 for o2 (part of Virgin), but cancelled the o2 SIM as soon as 18 months was up switching to Giffgaff (o2) at £10 a month. My new price is £80.75 but make sure they are giving you everything you have including Sky Sports/Movies Ultra. 

Alessandro Volta

If you cancel O2 you will lose your Volt deal.

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I didn't lose anything when I cancelled o2??