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REVEALED: VM's comms with the ICO over the email outage fiasco

Super solver

The fiasco's pinned forum post is dated Monday 19 June. 

I can confirm that:

1. VM reported the email service outage to the ICO on Thursday 22 June 2023. 

2. This was reported by VM through the ICO's Data Security Breach Form.

3. On Friday 23 June 2023, the ICO’s Personal Data Breach team (“PDB”) sent an email acknowledgement of receipt of the VM report.

4. Just one working day later the ICO's PDB team closed the case on Monday 26 June 2023, as it was deemed by the ICO that no further action was needed from VM.

5. It was referred to the ICO's Privacy and Digital Marketing Investigations team instead (“PDMIT”).

6. The ICO's PDMIT team requested a discussion about the outage with VM.

7. VM then emailed the ICO about the discussion request.

8. It is not known if VM ever then engaged in the requested discussion with the ICO. It appears it did not.

9. The ICO's involvement appears to be live and ongoing.

10. You can report any losses you suffered to the ICO directly here

Cancel VM here
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