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Pre installation improvement suggestion

If Ogi can overhaul their pre installation process, comms, and customer service in deepest darkest Abergavenny there may even be hope for VM yet

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Pre installation improvement suggestion

A nice idea, but let's face it, VM operate a three wise monkeys business model.  Hear no complaints, admit no error, look for no improvement.  However, that's a bit downbeat, so we need something to lift our spirits.  They say no day is complete without laughter, and I therefore offer you this gem.  Look at the word salad in that link: 

"Customer Experience Team of the Year...transformative, resilient, future-ready IT infrastructure....brand promise of 'Every Day, Better Connected,'.....envisioned faster, higher-capacity networks and enhanced coverage in the remotest of areas....relentless focus on integration at pace .....accelerating its digital transformation...transformation partner to re-engineer its IT infrastructure for resilient and always-on communications service...... helped Virgin Media O2 reimagine the end-to-end customer journey from point-of-sale at retail stores and online portals to customer billing and upgrade with user-friendly solutions powered by a transformed digital core.....TCS leveraged its best-in-class methodologies – Agile, Machine First™ Delivery Model, and TCS Cognix™ operations maturity assessment to help Virgin Media O2 in its journey towards creating cognitive and self-healing infrastructure operations......assisted Virgin Media O2 in achieving 'zero' lost customer hours... uniquely reflects IT operations effectiveness to deliver best-in-class customer experience. The digital transformation helped the network operator accomplish industry-leading customer satisfaction."

What a load of ****ing bull****!  How can these imbeciles kid themselves that Vimtwo offer "industry leading customer satisfaction"?  Actually, who said they kidded themselves, maybe it was just an honest to goodness pork-pie.  Somebody with no shame wrote that.

“Virgin Media O2 is glad to receive the esteemed GSA professional award for our initiative with TCS. They have been a key enabler in Virgin Media O2’s digital transformation. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with TCS as we transform IT infrastructure and reimagine our customer experience across the UK. The transformation has been instrumental in helping us achieve an unprecedented Zero Lost Customer Hours for three consecutive years. This is an extremely proud moment for all of us,” said Chris Buggie, Director, Infrastructure and Cloud Engineering, Operations – UK, Virgin Media O2.

Huk, huk,hhhuk...Bleuuurrgrrghhhh!  Get yourself over to Trustpilot, Buggie, and read up on what customer's really think.

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Re: Pre installation improvement suggestion

That is a peach of an example of corporate BS. Instead of chucking our hard earned monthly payments at Tata Consulting of Mumbai VM should hold their noses and take a long hard look at these community pages. 

Anyway just for fun I stuck the guff through a Flesch Kincaid readability assessment site and it got 13/100. Business writing should aim for at least 65.