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Poor service

I tried to make contact via 150 number and after 15mins on hold the line went dead. When I called back not more than 1 min after I was taken through the security steps the told the lines are now closed. I have since tried the messenger and although my messages are being read I'm still waiting nearly 1hr after for a responce.
I currently have no on demand and Internet is running slow and not able to work from home.

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Re: Poor service

You only waited 15 minutes? Oh my sweet summer child....

There are widely known problems with Virgin's customer service including a fault which disconnects you. This normally seems to happen around the hour mark though. You could try phoning at exactly 8am when the lines open as some people claim there's less of a wait time. But expect to spend hours on hold for a response. Virgin reps don't really monitor this forum that closely so if you haven't already then post on the subforum that's more relevant to the issue. They can take up to a week to respond on here but it's probably less frustrating than waiting on hold. Good luck.


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