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Phoned to report fault with broadband being down

My Beef with VM today:

Seeing the news that Virgin Media goes down AGAIN: Fury as hundreds of broadband users battle with internet outage for second day in a row - and at least the SIXTH time the service has crashed in three months. And today (29/7/20) it's happened again to me in London for well over an hour. I phoned VM and selected option 2 for FAULT and select option 1 for Broadband, then tap in characters of my password.

The automated lady's voice then says they’ll run a quick test to check the fault and when that is done she tells me "I'm offline" The next message the automated lady's say’s that I can be sent a text with a link for Virgin Media Online support”.

One thing I do not need to hear when I select option 2 for Fault and 1 for Broadband and told that "I'm offline” and I can be sent a text with a link for online support”. 

One, I know I’m offline and two, what is the point of being sent a text for online support when the broadband is NOT working, that’s why I’m phoning you. When option 1 and 2 are selected, customers should be put through the next available advisor. And choose some decent music when you put customers on hold and not the one that’s on now, it’s rubbish whatever it is….

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Re: Phoned to report fault with broadband being down

Hi GC1028,

You can always check this page using mobile data which should show any network outage, plus you can also run a service status check from there outage 

You could also try the  Service Status number  0800 561 0061.  This often gives details of more local issues down to postcode level.


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