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Opt out of ranks/badges?

Joining in

I joined a day ago to get help on a specific issue and I’ve already had a bunch of messages and notifications about my “rank”. I don’t care about this. I’m here to get help not earn kudos. Is there a way I can opt out of these ranks - the emails, messages and alert are just clutter I don’t want. 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Yes, you can choose which notifications you receive by editing the options in your Community Profile.

There isn't a facility to opt out completely of badges, kudos or helpful answers.


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Unfortunately you're stuck with them.

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Hmmm I went to check there and under Notifications it already said “Never” for notifications about badges. Guess I am stuck with them. Gamifying support is a cheap way to distract customers from the lack of proper support 😔