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OFCOM Investigation

Tuning in

Hey Community Natterers!

I'm just wondering if any of you have seen the OFCOM investigation into Virgin Media and want to discuss it as a community? They launched an investigation into VM last week, specifically into VM's cancellation and complaints processes:

Also just in case anyone has had any experience with this, the link to add your experience to the OFCOM investigation is below. After all, community is about trust, transparency and accountability isn't it? What better place to discuss it than the Community Natter section. Surely VM would agree?

Case ref: CW/01275/07/23

Case Lead: Chloe Gould and Maisie Talman

Thanks community, can't wait to hear what your opinions on the subject!


Tuning in

Thank you for more information on this carl_pearce! Discussing things are a community really does help I find

It is certainly worth providing info to the OFCOM investigation IMHO but you might want to constrain your expectations about any consequences for VM. Read the post from Andrew-G at the bottom of page 1 for his take on what might happen (he works for one of the regulators).

The sky won't come falling down upon VM or anything of that nature.

That said, I have followed this forum for a number of years and it is the first time I can recall any OFCOM interest in VM's activities so it's a case of use what is available but don't expect great things from the outcome.

It will be interesting to see what actually happens once the OFCOM investigation is completed.

Edit: Crossed with @carl_pearce

Tuning in

Thanks again Goslow!

I'm not expecting the sky to fall down, however if enough pressure is put on by people, it strengthens the case for them spending a tiny amount of money to find out what the actual issue is. 

Too many people have been inconvenienced by this, massively, and the only reason it hasn't changed is because they haven't been forced to change anything. The more pressure, the more likely the decision to change process will come about. Otherwise it's just business as usual for VM.