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Notice of cancellation

How in hell does a person give notice they want to finish this godforsaken service?

I started on an 18 month deal that I know is still available as a "new" user, but now my 18 months is up is not available to me.

So I want to leave, get a new package with BT or someone else.

I've been online and wasted time trying to be put through. I've rung the number to cancel only to find that, after going through the options and waiting an eternity listening to crap music, the person you end up speaking to has to first put you through to another department which you will only get through to presumably after another long wait listening to more crap music.


I had to give up in the end. I've gone from someone who would have gone again with another contract for a modest price increase to someone who now hates Virgin with a passion.


How do I get them out of my life for good without spending fruitless hours on the phone?

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Re: Notice of cancellation

Default suggestions on here are usually to try ringing first thing in the morning when the lines open and go via the 'thinking of leaving us' route for the best chance of speaking to a UK agent with least delay.

If no joy there, you can follow the process of writing in as per T&Cs here

Keep a good record of all dates/times/contacts as evidence of what was discussed/agreed.

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