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Not sure how many have recently left Virgin

Tuning in

After 2 hours on the phone to Virgin reps around the world, yep it was a world tour, UK, Ireland, India, Philippines, Mauritius and finally back to Ireland just to cancel my service.  I had just come out of contract paying £47 per month for their 300Mb package with phone and the new price was £63 per month. Each time they tried and failed to offer a better deal, in fact some of the deals were worse that if I was a new customer.

I have heard it said that if you want a great deal you need to be brave and cancel your account.  This was not my objective as as soon as I was unable to get a good deal I left and signed up with Firbreconnect.

Guess what, a couple days later I get a personal letter from Virgin offering their 500Mb package for £30 per month!

I found this insulting as I have been with Virgin for 17 years and if they had wanted to keep me they should have offered that deal while I was on the phone, NOT after I had cancelled.




Up to speed

I thought this practice was banned some time ago and new regulations stated it was sharp practice to offer better deals to new customers only. I'm probably wrong though

Dialled in

I dread having to phone Virgin regarding end off contract. This year was a bit better though and was offered a better deal than I had. I think it would be better for all VM customers not to go through this process of having to speak to the VM retentions department threatening to leave VM its not a dignified way of doing business.    

On our wavelength

Hey Infidel.  I hear what you say, BUT.  I have gotten to the stage where I enjoy the haggling now. for the past 3 years I have phoned virgin and I always seem to get through to a scottish gentlemen at the call centre. and have a good laugh chatting about leaving virgin and always ending up with a better deal than last time. at the moment I have the 500MB setup for £34 PM for 18 months. that ends in September. and the ritual shall begin again. lol ... I actually think they enjoy the battle.  because if they don't agree with abette deal I will go elsewhere.  there are so mnay that do broadband only dela s and no landline rental.    regards   Gaz

Agree in part.. I have had the Scottish guy a few times he is OK. I would still like the same system off changing providers like all the other broadband providers do when you see a good deal you just let them do all the work for you. with no notice or hassle. I have been with Virgin /NTL for 38 Years and still never come up with a better service yet but I am still looking very hard as their service standards are dropping and not meeting up to my expectations of a broadband/ TV and landline provider.   

On our wavelength

I'm waiting for this to happen.  I had to cancel before I was offered the same price and I've been with them 33 YEARS (when it was Nynex)

Fibre optic

We have been with them for 33 years and were offered nothing when our contract was up so we left and went with "3" 5G BB

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