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No returning kit packaging after 3 new request for it

I am being charged in 5 days for not returning my kit even though I have asked for a return kit package 3 times after the first one supposedly sent by Virgin media never arrived.

I can't get through to costumer service and I am not allowed to submit a complaint form because I am no longer a costumer. if I can be charged by you still I should be allowed to post a complaint.

I have even tried requesting the return kit to be posted to a different address and still no sign of the kit.

Why am I being charged for Virgin Media's inability to provide the returning kit?

I have been more than willing to return the package for a month now but have been unable because I don;t have the return kit.

I expect this problem to be solved asap before I get charged.

I see other people have this problem

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Re: No returning kit packaging after 3 new request for it

Hi rsclaudia,

go to this page 

Scroll down and click on create new label.

Where it says customer reference number either enter Virgin Returns, or if you know it your old Virgin account number.

Then enter your email address, and click on email me my new label and follow the instructions


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