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Need to buy triple handset for new phone switchover. Which phones are compatible.

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which of the following are suitable?

BT Advanced 1Z Cordless Phone - Triple Handsets

BT Advanced Z Cordless Telephone & Answer Machine - Triple

PANASONIC KXTGE823EB Cordless Phone - Triple Handsets



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Meant to ask which of the above phones will be suitable for when my landline is switched over to internet calls.


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Very Insightful Person

@Plant  The switch over shouldn't require you to buy new telephone handsets.  If your current phones are not adjacent to your Hub3 then VM will send a technician to install the necessary wiring to connect your Hub to the current master phone socket which should enable existing extensions to work.

If you are using this switch as an opportunity to update your house phones to a cordless setup then any currently available kit should be compatible.


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The engineer said that the hub can be moved downstairs and then the main phone plugged into it. However, the extensions would not work. All the phones are corded and "older".... That was why he said I need cordless ones.

Because that was the easiest option for them, move the hub, plug one phone into it, and any other phones are your problem! They get to leave a bit earlier.

As Graham_A rightly says above, VM are supposed to arrange for a visiting tech to run additional cables from the hub to where your current phones are. This engineer who told you otherwise, was it one who visited your house or just someone from their call centre?

For example moving the hub, do you want it downstairs, will it doing that cause any inconvenience for devices plugged into it? Will it adversely affect the WiFi coverage?

Wow. Thank you too for your comment.

I am really not sure what/or how to sort this situation.

It is very stressful.

The engineer is coming again in late June to move the hub and connect the new cordless phones.

The engineer visited my home.

He said hub needed to be moved downstairs or when the main phone is plugged into the hub-I would have to answer it (and any answerphone messages) upstairs in a small bedroom as my current landline extensions would no longer work.

That phone would not be in my bedroom-which is vital for me.

Hence the need to have a new base unit+answerphone in the hall..then the other handsets in a room downstairs and in my bedroom.

Mobile reception is often poor in the house.

(Which he experienced!!!)


Wifi is strong in the small bedroom..and goes down to weak signal  in the lounge.

Have tried wifi extender with no improvement.

The engineer suggested that the wifi signal "may" improve if moved downstairs....but also that the phone cordless handsets may not cover the downstairs room at the back-where a current landline works perfectly!!


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A bit like a Ronnie Corbett monologue, this one. Skip to [TL;DR] to avoid the waffle: 

My setup is really janky with the router in the basement.  The Nynex connected socket was originally in the front room resulting in turning the TV down during Coronation Street to answer the 'phone.  Cable and Wireless then took over providing me with a Pace TV box which only displayed channels 1-5 and no others.  A Callout to them resulting in the engineer removing the set top box whilst stating that the streetbox couldn't provide enough power for the box to work properly.

An extension was added in the hall (where there is no 3 pin electrical socket) for privacy and the phone worked fine.  I was on C&W dialup at the time.  The coax box was installed along with a loooong coax wire as I mentioned that I may want to move the computer in future.  The only place where there was enough room was the cellar, as I could hook up a janky connection via a 10M extension lead and a socket splitter. 

This worked quite well until C&W went bust.  NTL came along and took over, and I wanted to get broadband, so I ended up with the cable down here where I am now.  I ended up with the NTL250 modem and 2mb of broadband.  This was quite a revelation as the improvement was massive.  NTL then went bust, and I continued using it with VM. 

The modem packed up and I received the SH1.  I posted my experiences on here.  Anyway, fast forward to today:  I'm on my 2nd Hub3 (or rather my 1st) and was informed that future landline connections would be done via routers instead of the old Nynex connection (where I commented this may cause me problems; see the forum archive: keyword is "Nynex").

Here's the punchline:

[TL;DR] It would cost a lot more in time and money faffing about wiring in a 3 pin socket into the hall where the old phone was.  I was given a BT4600 (2 handsets) cordless phone (the charging units need to be powered separately via the mains) which is now my janky setup; the main phone unit is here in the cellar next to the router.  The other unit is upstairs in the living room to avoid disturbing those watching TV.  If the 'leccy goes off there's no landline; with the old system I was able to contact Electricity North West and inform them that the 'leccy had gone off [a major outage which they were unaware of; taking parts of Stockport out], but with the new system this won't be possible.  I could of course actually move the router upstairs near the TV, but this would make the setup jankier still (more wiring), as I can't move the desktop from the cellar easily.



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Thank you.

Interesting too.

I was thinking I may go into Curry's to speak with a real person and possibly see if they sell the BT4600 with 2 extra handsets for me..



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Very Insightful Person

I’ve never found Curry’s people to have any technical knowledge at all.

There are 10 types of people: those who understand binary and those who don't and F people out of 10 who do not understand hexadecimal c1a2a285948293859940d9a49385a2

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what type of person are you suggesting I am then!