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NO REWARD CARD + Worst Customer Service I've EVER experienced

Joined early March 2021 and the incentive was a £75 prepaid card said to be received within 28 days as per contract.  Email on 31st March saying it will be with me within 10 days.  NOTHING!!  Rang customer service and spoke to the offshore contact centre.  They had no idea what I was talking about, were very ignorant, cut me off, put on hold on dead line.  Rang again later in April and confronted with the same horrific service so I asked to complain and was promised a call from a manager within 3 hours..  NOTHING!!  Rang again late April and used the leaving option to speak to UK Retentions team. Explained my sheer frustration at a comms company having zero interest in customer service and stated I still had no reward card.  Was promised it would be handled and would hear from someone in a few days.. NOTHING!!!   Everyone needs to leave Virgin whilst they can.. Never known such a bad service and I once had talk talk and that's saying something..

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Re: NO REWARD CARD + Worst Customer Service I've EVER experienced

Hey Arcturus22

That sounds super frustrating and I get why you're peeved 😔

This may be something one of the forum guys can help with. 

I'd hang on here to see if they can support. 👍

I hope you get it sorted. 


Ex VM employee. Just here to help 🙂
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