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Moving to a new address that doesn't have coverage BUT i don't have any utility to prove new address

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I moved in with my grandmother earlier this year to help take care of her. She didn't have Virgin or Sky so I signed up for it myself.
However, she has now decided she wants to move house to be closer with her family in somerset. The address she is moving to sadly does not have Virgin Coverage. I have seen online there is an early cancellation fee unless you're moving to a property that Virgin does not cover. If this is the case you need to show a utility bill, mortgage letter or council tax letter to prove you have moved. As I am not the owner of the house my name is NOT on any of the utility bills or council tax letter. 

What other ways can i prove I have moved address? Thank you.  

How else 


Alessandro Volta

Some other options are suggested at message #2 below from one of the forum VIPs

Thank you for the reply and the suggestion! 
I do have a driving licence but haven't changed the address yet (Obviously) So when i change that this should be enough? Thank you 🙂 

Alessandro Volta

Also check the bottom of the EDF page on the process and timing