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Making our internet better at no cost to me

Thank-you for your email yesterday explaining that you have made improvements to our WI-FI at no cost to me. It does make me wonder what I'm actually paying for though. The last message I received like this was when you told me I had been upgraded to a higher speed for free, when in actual fact a week earlier My package went up and i have been paying for the speedboost ever since.  I actually paid for my speed upgrade that year and I have never received a free upgrade!!!
Much the same here really when you say that improvements have been made at no cost to me. My contract goes up approx. £4 a quarter! But thank you for making my service reliable, its not like I'm paying for it or anything is it!
It really ticks me off when you are made to be grateful for something we're actually paying heavily for!
L Maunder
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