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Leaving Virgin after 20 years

Just joined

Terrible customer service this morning, could hardly understand person, english second language. kept on hold for ages, no affordable discount offered. retiring from the NHS end of this year so bills have to reduce, virgin could not even offer just broadband as i dont need the box or phone really bad communication

They want to increase my cost from £49 to £94 so will be giving notice as other providers much cheaper


Alessandro Volta

If VM can't (won't) offer the service you want at a competitive price then you should put in your 30 days notice to cancel.

VM does offer broadband-only packages but agents will always try to upsell you a bundle of services. If you want to move to broadband-only you will almost certainly get this cheaper elsewhere with new customer pricing.

Do your research and have in mind a range of alternative prices and packages from different suppliers.

Once you have cancelled you might get a call from VM 'retentions' with a better deal (although there is no guarantee at all this will happen). Having marketing options turned on in 'My Virgin Media' is advised to allow any such call to take place. Any offers made by VM tend to be 'of the moment', and any offer probably won't be repeated if you want to think about it and call back, so have in mind the bottom-line price that will stop you from leaving.

Moving to another provider would give you a chance to try another provider/service to compare with VM. If you do want to return to VM in the future, you will be a 'new' customer and will get new customer pricing once again.


One work around, well worked for me, is if you have another person in your house who could sign up for you on a "new customer deal". I put in my 30 day notice and two days prior to the end of contract got approached and asked what could VM do to keep me as a customer.

At the time they were offering new customers 1gig connection for £30 so got my wife to sign up as a new customer, in the end i got the 1gig, home phone, full tv package inc Sky Sports and Cinema, three TV boxes for various rooms obviously, all for the grand price of £64. They even cancelled my wifes installation for me LOL.

That allowed me to kick Sky to the kerb for TV as they had priced themselves out of it offering me a renewal for my basic entertainment package (no movies or sports) including the three mini boxes and a SkyQ box for £64.

No brainer in my opinion.

Tuning in

Ours more than doubled to £57 for Broadband only, we have been using Vonage VOIP for ove 10 years, £6 per month, Phone plugs into the router