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Landline now via New Router (4)

Joining in

Hi All

Just a query,  am I right in saying the only way my land line call's go is through the router, and that is it as there is no other connection ?.

If that is the case, surely those particular call's must be "wi-fi" call's and priced as such, ie much cheaper than the normal land line various tariffs.

Regards Mick


Alessandro Volta

It has been reported on here in the past that, in the present arrangement, VM's phone-via-router connection is actually still running through the same exchange equipment as before. It is just the method of connection in the home that has changed (phone plugs into the back of the hub instead of a telephone wall socket). The phone service charge within your package price is for access to the VM landline network and use of a VM phone number and VM exchange equipment. As a result, you pay the same as before for calls for the phone-via-router connection. If VM ever implements a proper VOIP offering, then customers might expect bills to come down accordingly.

Many pay-monthly mobile phone offerings provide inclusive calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers and mobiles for a low monthly sum for those willing to swap to mobile for making calls. Some people who still want a landline connection have replaced their VM landline with a true VOIP connection from a VOIP service provider.


VM have implemented VOIP, the Hubs contain an ATA.
But only VM are enjoying the cost benefit !