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Land line issues

Joining in

my grandmother is having issues with her virgin media landline phone, an elderly lady on her own and she cannot make calls out at all which is terrible as we have had no information come through about this, when we make calls out it dials straight through to virgin media.

can someone please explain how we can sort this out as we urgently require a landline connection.

kind regards 





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello livseydaniel82


We're sorry to hear of the landline issues experienced by your mother and can understand the concern caused, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums and welcome to the community.


Has your mother received any correspondence in regards to changes to how her landline works in recent months? We have rolled out the changes so the landline works via a hub, we have sent an adapter to customers prior to these changes. Are you or your mother aware of any of these changes at all? 


Does your mother have broadband services as well as her landline?



Thankyou for the reply 

My grandma doesn't have broadband just the landline with yourselves and I've had a txt message from virgin saying phone lines are being upgraded from the 30th August to fibre optic, but thats as much info as we have had. I'm more comcerned as she can't ring anyone if she needs something  

Kind regards 

Hi @liveseydaniel82,

Thank you for expanding. From what you've explained it doesn't sound like it's switchover related and rather something else, but we'd need some more details to see what's going on.

Please respond to the private message that I'll be sending to you shortly when you can and we'll go from there with this.


Zach - Forum Team
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