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Just joined VM- first impressions


Today 5/03/2022 just had VM installed for the 1st time ever and so far quite pleased as compared to Sky Q.  All went well - but I did have to assist in running external mini box cable to 1st floor as the engineer did not have ladders.  Not a problem as I use them to clean  gutters and windows so fed it in to the loft and then in to the bedroom while the chap dealt with the internal stuff.  I didnt mind being a 52yr old apprentice LOL.

I have a 360 and mini in the bedroom and normally my wife can't see ant difference between SD/HD and tonight she sees a big difference in VM picture quality on a lot of the channels compared to Sky q thats using the same TV.  Also the 360 remote is more sturdy and feels like a quality product and lights up in the dark something Sky q does not.  We have still to get the hang of the interface but we like it.  Hopefully the landline number port goes ok as tonight received email from Sky telling me "sorry to see leaving Sky Talk"

So hopefully all goes well for next 18 months