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Is it a Virgin media policy not to answer the cancellation calls to force the callers to pay higher fee?

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Virgin media broadband call center advised me that it was not possible to terminate the contract in advance either by call or by letter - and confirmed only a phone call on the exact 30th day prior to the contract end can be made to ensure this contract is not extended. I called and dialled through to the cancellation line on the day and - I was put on hold 1 hour 25 mins, then cut off! Calls to customer service were answered within 5mins. Broadband service providers MUST legally accept written or call cancellation with an advance date - this is a legal requirement, the call center quoted this incorrectly.  As I was on hold/ cut off this appears like entrapment.


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Yup the offshore customer service operation appears to disincentivise the processing of account cancellations and VM don't appear to give a flying fig about it or their wider legal and regulatory obligations here. 

I always suggest writing in if you value your time and sanity. Do it by recorded delivery. 


Alessandro Volta

VM are under a specific obligation* to make it as easy to leave VM as to sign up, sounds like they're not doing that.  Register your displeasure with the regulator Ofcom here.

If you want to take the matter further with VM, search read and follow the VM Consumer Complaints Code of Practice. I always recommend putting complaints in writing and sending by recorded post if you can't submit through My Virgin Media. Chances are the complaint will be handled with the customary standards VM apply to everything, so if you get a fob-off response and still want to make VM take the matter seriously, read the customer guidance of CISAS.


* Ofcom Fairness Code, Paragraph 5: "Customers can sign up to, change and leave their services quickly and smoothly. Providers ensure that customers who are leaving do not face additional barriers or hassle compared to those who are signing up to new services;"