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Installation of Green Optic Fibre Broadband Box

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I was wondering if anyone could advise me. On Wednesday 8th February Virgin decided to install a Fibre Optic Box just to the right of my back garden gate. 

It has been installed on a public pathway however we was not notified of the works being completed. 

we was also due to have some maintenance work carried out on our garden wall which now we can not access behind it as the box is causing obstruction.

There is already a green box to the left of our gate which they could have placed the new one next to which is also covered by double yellow lines meaning no one can park in front of it. 

Due to the road being so narrow the cars around the area park half on the pathway and half on the roads so that cars can drive through the road. 

If a car is parked by the box prams and wheelchair users will not be able to get past! If the car is parked next to the pathway on the road cars will not be able to get past. 

I am 100% certain the box could have been installed in a better suited location. 

they have also left all the rubble and mess outside the front of our house so that we can’t access the side / front of our wall. 

has anyone experienced anything like this before and could advise me further?? 



Alessandro Volta

VM is not required to inform residents of a cabinet installation. Cabinets are best sited against property gable ends or against retaining or boundary walls where there is the least risk from vehicle damage and from being unsightly. There may be a good reason not to locate this box next to the existing one, and perhaps a forum team member can make an enquiry.

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