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I just opned my app "VM Connect" and its obviously had a recent update

On our wavelength

There are now just 3 options along the bottom of the app
!. Home
2. Broadband
3. Help
(Yes I've checked the "Help" but no mention of this issue!)
Upon selecting "Broadband"  I am met with a screen that says "Activate One Wifi"
I don't want to mess ujp a perfectly good working set up where I have the normal VM Hub 3 router controlling all my IP addreeses, A second router located upstairs and connected by a cable and being used as a booster, plus a wifi booster in my porch to control a couple of CCTV cameras.

Just what is this "Activate one Wifi" - is this going to change the names given to my booster devices?
Before this updae I was able to pause any devices that I neededto pause such as my grandchildrens laptops when "Times up" as it were.
I dont want to activate this option only to find it messes up a perfectly good set up but also  want to get back my control over which devices are paused or not.