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Joining in

Virgin really are hopeless.

I agree to extend my contract subject to being sent a hub5  - customer service says that I can receive in 4-5 days.

The relationship team then process the order and agree to add a note that the faults team can access - I have to call them myself to get the hub5 sent for some reason.

so i call faults and they say no hub5s left and that everyone in the company had been informed of this. 

I call customer service by phone and they say, sorry you contacted us via chat before. That’s a completely different system and we don’t have access to the chats; we can raise a complaint if you want, but not much will happen - you need to go back to them.

How long have Virgin had now to get halfway decent customer service in place and they still can’t manage it. Roll on openreach Fttp, I’ll ditch Virgin so fast!!