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How long to acknowledge return of equipment?

Sent all my three boxes and kit back to virgin six days ago using their pre paid packaging - just had a text saying it's not received and I'll be charged £135 in 9 days. Anyone know how long it takes to process once I've sent off? And I'm also waiting for £37 to be refunded after some appalling service (the reason I've now gone to Sky)....wonder if I'll actually ever receive that now I'm no longer a customer?

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Re: How long to acknowledge return of equipment?

Hi Dave_mash,

         As long as you have kept your collect+ receipt VM can track it. I would wait until you hit 10 days since sending it and give them a call to put your mind at rest. 

With regards to a credit once your final bill bill arrives 10 days from disconnection of your account if there is any credits on the account you will receive a cheque within 35 days. 


kind regards

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