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Grandad Pricing and Options

Tuning in


My Grandad currently pays £132 a month for his TiVo box and his home phone. He watches mainly the drama channels. I don't think Virgin do only TV and phone packages any longer. I'm wondering would it be worth getting a new package even if he doesn't use the internet?

suggestions welcome

Thank you ☺️


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Grandaughter84 

It would be best if he spoke to retentions*** and negotiated a new deal. 

He would be able to continue to use his old Tivo  (that's the only VM box that doesn't need a separate internet connection as it has it's own built in router) however the Tivo's are now old and very slow and no longer issued.If they break down then they are replaced with the newer V6 boxes, but they won't work unless he also has broadband with VM

He might be offered a switch to the newer TV360 box - it's doesn't run on the old Tivo interface so it might be confusing/difficult for him to get used to (a bit like switching between android and ios) so it would perhaps sbe better for him to take the V6 box.

The package he is on is probably obsolete now so if he negotiated a new deal he would moved onto either the Mixit or Maxit TV tiers.  You can check which channels are available on these tiers by looking in columns 4 and 5 on the following page /ChannelGuide_July_23_4.pdf 

If he decided upon the Mixit tier then there are additional channels which can be added to that package - see /Personal_Picks 


**** It would be preferable to speak to rretentions (thinking of leaving) rather than regrades, and see what price and package he can negotiate. They are generally based in the UK, and have a greater degree of knowledge and flexibility, along with a larger range of discounts than the front line agents.

Hopefully he can then negotiate a deal with them that's suitable to his pocket and needs in exchange for a new contract.  Please bear in mind that prices will go up again next April by the RPI published in February that year PLUS an additional 3.9% 

It might also be better if you could possibly be with him when he contacts VM.  He could pass verification and then ask for you to talk on his behalf. You could then  do the negotiating and then pass the phone back to him for him to authorise any changes.

He will need to know the account memorable word (telephone password)  If he doesn't know it then he/you need to sign into /my-virgin-media  and then click on Account Settings >  Account Details > scroll down to Telephone Security Details  (memorable word) > and then click on Edit which will set up a new memorable word.

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Tuning in

Thank you so much for your detailed reply ☺️