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Goodness, Virgin has a great product but the service is possibly the worst I have ever encountered

On our wavelength

After being a customer for over 12 years, I had a massive battle just to leave. I've been told that they don't send out the packaging to return your equipment anymore, instead, they will come to pick it up. I had to choose a day, so I chose today.

Even the post office gives you a window...not Virgin, they just said it will be today...

It's now 15:47 and still no sign of them, this is how I like to spend my day off, waiting for a rubbish company to collect their rubbish equipment under threat of being charged for said crappy equipment if I don't "make sure I'm in when they show up"

They really treat people like excrement. 


Alessandro Volta

You can request packaging or print your own label

The hub 3 has recently gone back onto the list of items to return.

Keep your own notes of the items being returned (serial numbers and MAC addresses etc.)

Also keep a good record/receipt of the tracking number if you drop the items off at a shop as this is the only record and proof you have of returning the kit.

If anyone from VM does turn up to collect, get a note of some identifying details from that person (badge/ID no., vehicle reg etc.) and pref a receipt for collection. Sometimes there can be a long delay between when VM picks up and when the kit is actually signed back in as 'returned'.