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Free Trial- F Secure

Hello All, 

I signed up for VM broadband today and when registering for an online account, I was given the option to 'opt into' F Secure Internet security. As no information about additional charges was displayed on the page, I opted in for the service. As it was displayed next to 'web-safe' option, I considered it as an inclusive offer. 

I subsequently received the email ( below) which suggested I register and install the F Secure through the 'install' link ( which displays a message - you do not permission to access this page). I have never used F Secure before so not sure about the process to follow. 


1. Just because I opted for FSecure while I registering for VM account and received the email, does it mean my 3-month free period clock has started? 

2. Does VM waits for confirmation from F Secure that the customer has indeed registered and downloaded the software before starting the three month period? ( I have not done so and I don't need F-Secure)

3. How can I find out if VM has added F-Secure to my account? OR How can I remove it before I start getting charged for it? 

My worry is that despite not using the service, I will start getting billed for a service I never knew was chargeable or free for a period of 3 months? 

The ' My apps' ---> VM Internet Security link displays the following message. 

Can someone kindly help a VM newbie. Thanks

VM FSecure Email.pngVM- Internet Security.jpg

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