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Free TV

Signed up on Black Friday with the free tv offer.

Now February and still no sign of free tv. Several attempts at contact made with Virgin customer services most of which have been a waste of time as either ignored or told not my dept.

The ones who have told me something originally told to me to wait 28 days from date of installation, this came and went so spoke to someone else who said ahhh yes but it’s then a further 14 days for it to be delivered someone will 100% get in touch with you by then, The 14 days have came and went still no news and no one can tell me anything.

seen others on here with a similar problem where someone has at least been in touch so thought I’d give it a go, we shall see if it gets resolved.

All in all not a great start to the service.

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Re: Free TV

i've had similar issues with free gifts, alebit not from virgin.
twice i've had to chase for the free gift i was entitled to from Google (1 took over 4 months for me to finally get it after a lot of "fulfilment" issues at their end).

but yes, the basics are that it won't be process until 28 days after installation, and from that point it could be 14 days before it ships.

clearly 28 + 14 days is long since gone from this point.


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