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Early disconnection fee

On our wavelength

I'm considering switching to another ISP.
In March I emailed "Daniel Potts" and my monthly bill was reduced from £80 to £40 per month for same service, but had to sign an 18-month contract. Since then, it has mostly been off than on.

A neighbour has received an email saying that he does not have to pay an early disconnection fee.

I asked in June how much mine would be and was told £280

September-10 I asked, and it has risen to £570!!!

How is this worked out. I downloaded the document below, but it doesn't match either of these figures.

The agent said each person's is worked out individually.

can anyone tell me the correct fee and if I can get a discount. I have been a loyal customer since 2009


Alessandro Volta

Refer here

and the section

If your current contract with us started prior to 4th April 2023, any Early Disconnection Fee will be capped at £288 (includes VAT). If you are a new or recontracting customer on or after 4 April 2023, this cap does not apply.

On our wavelength

I got the letter saying no fee payable. After an hour on the 150 call that dropped multiple times they have now said I don't have to pay and send me emails saying Goodbye.

Sales rang me today with some fantastic offers. I politely said I wasn't interested and already had a new provider.