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Disconnected but still being billed!

Hi folks,

I could really do with some help / support / advice please. 


I rang Virgin media on 9th August to cancel my package.  I gave the necessary 30 days notice so my package was officially disconnected on 8th September. 


I paid paid my bill at the end of August which covers the period 13th August - 13th September so really virgin media owe me a small refund as my package was disconnected on 8th September. 


I sent the equipment back to virgin on 21st September and I have a receipt with a tracking number as proof. 


On 15th September I received an email stating my next bill would be due at end of September!  I therefore contacted virgin media through their web chat facility. I was advised to cancel my direct debit as I was in credit. I took a screenshot of this web chat conversation as proof. I then went ahead and cancelled my direct debit. 


I have since received another email email from virgin media stating my bill is overdue and they will charge me a late payment fee!! 


Today i I received another email saying they haven’t received the equipment yet and I’ll be charged for that too if they don’t receive it within 9 days!!  According to Yodel Collect the equipment is still ‘in transit’ which obviously is no fault of mine. 


I have tried numerous times  to ring virgin media and contact them again by web chat but no body seems to be available to talk to!! 


What am I supposed to do?? 

I have literally done everything correctly and by the book!! 


Many thanks for any help or advice! 




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Re: Disconnected but still being billed!

Hi Kat

VM will charge you till they get there equipment back and i know its out of your control.

You need to contact Yodal (good luck) and ask them to let you have a pod or a date when delivery will be made also send a copy of the tracking number to virgin media and also ask them to put your account on hold for 30 days so it gives you time to sort things out with Yodal.

Hope this helps.
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