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Default of GBP 24 on Credit Report - Mortgage Application being declined

Hello All,


I need help getting this sorted. 


In 2017 I cancelled my contract by calling Virgin. Turns out I was not clear enough in my request and the contract was not cancelled. I had already cancelled my direct debit and stopped using Virgin Media i.e. disconnected the box etc. To my surprise I received a letter from Virgin telling me I owed money. I phoned them and explained I had cancelled but there was no record of that. There was a log that I had called but the person I had spoken to never cancelled my contract. 


Virgin insisted on me paying and would not agree to cancel the contract until I paid the outstanding fee. I have spoken to several people there including one of the customer services managers. They stubbornly insisted I did not cancel and needed to pay several months now As thez could not cancel a contract when there are outstanding payments on the account. I had already taken on a new contract with Sky and therefore could not afford to pay Virgin on top of that. This then went on for a few months until I was contacted by the virgin debt collection agency chasing me for 300 GBP (or thereabouts). I could arrange a settlement with them as I spoke to a person that actually understood my situation and as I had just been paid a bonus. I have then received an email that all was paid and I owed nothing anymore. Luckily I kept that email. 


I have now just applied for a mortgage and was refused because of apparently having owed Virgin GBP 24.00 for the last 3 years. I never knew anything about this money until I signed up with Experian last month and saw that default on my report. I never received any letters or emails from Virgin asking me to pay GBP 24.00. 


I raised that issue with Experian and also Equifax and Virgin have confirmed that there is no outstanding charge, that it was settled in 2017, but they insist on the default remaining on my credit file. 


This is the response that I received from Experian after they contacted Virgin: 

"This follow-up email is regarding your recent query with Virgin Media.

They've confirmed the information is accurate, the default will remain as it is and however the default account is satisfied  as of 01/04/2017 with zero balance."


This charge is preventing me from getting a mortgage with my partner. A default of GBP 24.00 is literally destroying my otherwise clean credit report. This is not just impacting me, but my partner too. I really need help to get this default removed! 


Thank you in advance. 

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Forum Team
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Re: Default of GBP 24 on Credit Report - Mortgage Application being declined

Hello DanaF


Thanks for your post. You'd need to speak to the Credit Amendments Team. Pop them a letter or email with the following information:

  • Name
  • Account Holders Name
  • Full Address where you had the services
  • A photo or screenshot showing the Virgin error on your credit file
  • Contact details for yourself

They will investigate this and come back to you within 28 days.


The contact options are:

  • By post at: Consumer Underwriting, Virgin Media, Eagle Court 3, Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham, B26 3RZ
  • Or via Email:
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