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Damage to external walls



I reported in September that virgin media engineer when conducting the third installation, left holes and damage to the area where the drilling took place. 

I am still waiting to receive a response from the team, can anyone review this and get back to me?


ive been on the phone for last 4months chasing virgin and I remain very disappointed that they haven’t found a resolution? They haven’t been able to get back to me. I’ve been referred to many teams and spoken to many managers - it appears to me that virgin customer service team haven’t got a clue what they are doing


i am extremely dissatisfied at this point! 

hence posting because I cannot break the chain, I just want a resolution - if not, happy to proceed with a small claim application to court and so I am already in discussion with my family lawyer. This is not cool and not acceptable for a company like virgin not making time to support the customer with the issues they have caused. 

I want to be out back to the position where I would have been - if virgin had taken care when conducting drilling to the property - no consent was sought for additional drilling and the damage was left unattended ... 

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Re: Damage to external walls

I think that virgin won't be waking in thier boots, it's your choice if you want to invest in a expensive lawyer as they are used this kind of post.