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Damage to Property

2 engineers visited the property on Monday 15 June, to fix connection issues. When the work was finished and on leaving the property, one of the vans damaged the round island in the middle of the drive. This has been recorded on my CCTV system.
I phoned VM Customer Service to advise of the issue and I was told that  They advised not to carry out any repairs, but a Field Manager from Unallocated Services Support would call between 2-24 hours to arrange visit to the property to assess the damage and arrange repairs.
I have not heard anything from VM until now.
So contacted VM Customer Service who got Field Manager to handle the complaint.
Been messed about since June 2020 by Field Manager, Gleeds and contractors.
They dont consistently reply to messages, phone calls and emails.
Its been awful customer experience.
VM Technician, 3 VM own contractors have been. Quotes were rejected to Field Manager. He arranged for his personal builder to start the work. Its been over 2 weeks. Keeps making excuses about the weather. Its been dry and sunny here for a week. Still waiting for completion of the work.
Anyone had similar experience and was it resolved.
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