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Customer service sucks

Called back in July to discuss renewing my contract as a discount was due to expire. New contract was £40 discounted down to £35. Brilliant. Email sent stated £40. No discount mentioned.

Called back. Got a lot of waffle. During to call, it was mentioned that it's an 18 month contract, something I was not told about in the call. More waffle, so I told the person to revert me back to the exact contract I had before. Next email said £49. wth?

Called back later. Chap said he understood my frustration blah blah. Not a lot he could do that night, but to take no notice of any emails about costs. He would sort it out and call me on 1st August when he got his new allocation of discounts. 

That didn't happen, and it appears he didn't even log into my account. There was no record of anyone other than the two people I spoke to earlier on 21st (ish) July.

Long conversation later, I was told it had been sorted and I would receive an email from a manager stating the discounted cost of £35. It would arrive in a few days. Ha!

I called on 7th August. I called about the non-receipt of the email. I was sent a standard email saying a credit had been applied to my account. Not what was promised.

Called on 20th August. Chap promised me his manages always send promised emails within 24 hours. Ha! again.

Called today (21/8) Chap looked at the account and could see the email had been requested yesterday and couldn't understand why it hadn't been sent. He spoke to his manager who promised to get it out by close of business - 9pm. 11pm Still no email.

How can a communications company fail so miserably to communicate t=with their customers, or is it a ploy to keep people past the cooling off period and lying is built into the training?

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Re: Customer service sucks

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