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Customer service,rude & unhelpfull

Lost TV on demand & broadband along with neighbours this morning,rang to report.Had to go through the normal of restarting everything again but had told him several times it was the street but he said they had no problems.Then it was we will send an engineer out,I said it it was not today we were going on holiday tomorrow morning at 10 am to which he said it would be tomorrow morning.this went on for a few minutes trying to explain I may not be home & again it was other people's services as well . I explained I am disabled but got no help at all . Had to hang up & just hope they fix it.Not good at all.

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Re: Customer service,rude & unhelpfull

As frustrating as it is, there's another way of looking at this...

So there's been a network failure in the area, and for whatever reason VM aren't aware of it (they usually are, but these things happen). A single customer calls up and reports problems - they have to treat that as an individual customer fault. Multiple customes from the same (bit of kit) start calling, that's multiple tech visits all booked - this gets flagged and re-checked. At this point the local fault is usually spotted, and individual appointments cancelled.

This is standard Virgin process, I'm not sure what the trigger is for how many individual faults are needed, but if you say all your neighbouts have the same problem - then all those neighbours are best off reporting it as well.

Unfortunately if you're not in a position to accept a tech appointment (perhaps accept one for after you return from holiday? - play the system), then until VM get more reports from your street/locality, or spot the fault themselves, then you're right... "not good at all".

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