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Customer Service

Does anyone know how I can contact Karen Walker Director of Customer Services

I would like to pass the message below:

  1. I have been trying to cancel my contract renewal since I received notification in early April that it finished on the 15th May.
  2. I have been with another provider since the contract renewal date.
  3. I have spent hours on the phone trying to get through to the cancelation team, and hours on the Internet, I spent over a week on the text service trying to get this resolved. 
  4. In another attempt to get through on the 16th of April I contacted resolver to complain in the hope that I might finally get some resolution, but no I was redirected back to the phone and internet service. 
  5. When I got through on the internet, I was offered a better deal but refused I was passed to someone else who offered a better deal but I refused. I was finally told I was being redirected to the cancellation team I waited the rest of the day but nothing happened.  I had been through all the security checks, I waited and waited but nobody came on. I was still on line the next day and nobody came on, I kept commenting but got nothing back. At the end of the day I left a message as it said the conversations are recorded giving all my details and saying I do not want any deal just confirmation my contract was cancelled?
  6. All through May I spoke to people by phone and Internet and was told someone would ring me within 72 hours and was told they could not cancel if I wanted to make a complaint and would have to make payments as I had not spoken to the cancellation team. 
  7. On the 3rd June I got a letter saying to contact the text line which I did.  
  8. I had numerous conversations on the text service that lasted over a week. I then received emails welcoming me to a new package with phone after being on the text line for over a week after I categorically said I don't want any Virgin services. 
  9.  On Friday the 5th or 12th June someone did ring me Mary Ellis she said she would cancel my contract but could not cancel the payments someone else would have to do this as she could not do anymore I asked her to escalate my complaint and could she send me an email to confirm she had done this. On the 26th June I received an email confirming she had done this.
  10. I am still waiting for someone to contact me to resolve his.
  11. I am hoping you can help resolve this matter As I am not paying any additional payments. I have tried to get through to your cancellations team on numerous occasions and have wasted hours of my time trying to do so. Whilst I appreciate this has been a difficult time for us all I cannot be blamed for the inability to get a response from your cancellation team.
  12. This process has been exceptionally frustrating and distressing at a time when life is difficult enough. I have been trying to work from home whilst trying to resolve this, I have underlying health conditions.
  13. I am hoping this can finally be resolved, I have done everything I possibly could to follow the cancellation process please can we resolve rather than I have to seek and adjudication from the Communication & Internet Services Adjudication Scheme.

Regards Tom Wheatley


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Re: Customer Service


If you want to communicate direct why don't you write to her at VM's registered address.

The VM Forum staff will read this in due course and may be able to help resolve but this Forum does not allow for direct communication with any VM staff members outside the Forum.

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