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Customer Service, It Does Exist

Such a shame that a communication company can't even keep a telephone call active without dropping the line.

You wait patiently to talk to a human, get through to retentions, agree a deal that both sides win on and just as your arranging delivery ... POOF line drops from their end.

Call back, don't be daft no way to update my old mobile number online for them, no landline.

Call back up and in the queue again, shock I get answer.

Now remember CSRs are working from home.

New CSR contacts the first CSR and she phones me back on new mobile number, now updated on system.

New deal confirmed and concluded, upgrade from M200 to M500 package and I save a few £££.

Shocked but pleased for once with VM.


Thank you Rosie for your help !!

M500 Package
Superhub v3 Modem Mode
Asus RT-AX86U
2.5G CAT 7 LAN
Windows Server 2019

My Broadband Ping - Wolfclaw-BBM1