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County Court Judgement

What a truly awful company. Back in March, yes, 7 months ago, I gave up on Virgin as it was impossible to set up our mobile phones. Customer service was non-existent and I've since learnt that this is the 'norm' with Virgin. Since then (when I switched back to BT) they've been billing for broadband and mobile phone contracts, even though neither have been used. Unbelievable right? They truly are a law unto themselves, even admitting in a letter that they have breached their code of conduct - yet still they charge.

Fast forward to now. After endless, frustrating phone calls, ignored letters and requests I took advice from another unhappy customer and sought justice through the small claims court. Needless to say, Virgin ignored it. I have now issued a County Court Judgement against them as this is my only option. I hope it goes to court as I've enough evidence to sink them. 

You have been warned.

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Re: County Court Judgement

you should refrain from commenting publically about this as it may prejudice your case.]
feel free to comment about it once your case is closed.


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Re: County Court Judgement

There are a fixed monthly charges for broadband and mobile phone during the contract periods, and this happens regardless of usage. You can stop the billing by terminating your contract(s) but will most likely have to pay a termination fee.

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