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Contract problems

Virgin does it again!

My monthly bill at present is £71.45.

On Sunday I decided to add Premier Sports to my package, I could have done this via Premier Sports, or with Virgin on Channel 551.

551 was the easy option, but Virgin do not tell you that this affects your contract, I could and should have just paid by credit card to Premier Sports.

I now face the prospect of trying to get through to someone who speaks enough English to understand me.

According to Virgin my December bill will be £81.45, that is fine, but then my January bill becomes £113.45, WHY?

Is there a 14 day change of mind bit in my contract, if so I cannot see it.

I have had great help from the Forum previously, so I hope I can get help again.

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Re: Contract problems

Believe me I've just had similar frustrations and yes looking into things there is a time frame to cancel, can't remember the time frame though..
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