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Constant issues with account ownership transfer


After few months of my long calls to ownership transfer team I finally got the account transfered INCORRRECTLY.

By transfer they just switch off the Internet. No message and no info when it' will be provided again. After a week I called few times and someone finally managed to restore it.

My new password has been assigned to the old and now closed account! So no verification over the phone. I'm failing on last bill question. 

They got my new direct debit set up on the old closed account too. 

Terms and conditions told and also confirmed by phone that service will stay for the same price. Virgin put 41£ instead 35£!

A lot of frustration and hopeless.. 

How many times we need to call to make simple account transfer right. 

Current status of faults from virgin team:

1.Wrong amount for services. Previous user paid 35£ not 41£. Was lied over the phone about the price.

2.Direct debit from transfer form assigned to old account so no DD

3.Password from transfer form assigned to old account 

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