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Complete Let Down

So I approach Virgin for a quote for a new installation, which I'm given and ask for a date coinciding with when I move in.  Because I can't work without broadband I ask for a guarantee that Virgin can deliver a fully functional service on that day (8th Oct.) and am given one.  Day before we move receive an email saying 'sorry can't do - it'll be 23rd'.  Many very difficult attempts to contact Virgin later (including people putting the phone down on us immediately the word 'complain' is used) we get an agreement that it will be yesterday (12th).  Guys arrive, do the external work and disappear saying someone will contact before the end of the day.  Guess what?  Not a word.  Website shows the account as active but no cable inside the house and now showing an installation date of 21st.  Told by the call centre that they have no way of contacting the contractors to move the date - if I don't like it, I can cancel.  I have a second property I'm moving into in the next few months.  Virgin have guaranteed that there's cable to the property and that they can deliver a service.  Not sure I believe them - looking elsewhere.  This is a classic case of promising the world in order to get the business even though you can't deliver it.  Oldest trick in the IT Book.  As it is we will have lost 12 -13 working days. Thanks Virgin.  Great customer service (not).

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Re: Complete Let Down

not even close to being the "oldest trick in the IT book", it's the "turn it off and back on again" response to get you off the phone.

top tip, if you need guaranteed broadband in a property then make sure it's fully installed and working long before you move in, otherwise make sure you have backup methods of connections.

this applies to any ISP.


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