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Forgive the rant, but what a shambles this company is! 

I've had three complaints closed by Virgin Media without reference back to me, now the fourth I find out they've been trying to call me on a landline they switched off in 2019 — even though I told them repeatedly NOT to call me on that number.

Sent me a letter saying they were doing nothing and if I wasn't happy with that as a resolution to call 0345 454 1111. Only trouble is, handlers on that number have no way of contacting the complaints people who sent the letter and the complaints team only does outbound calls.

Meanwhile, I'm six months into an 18-month contract part of which including Virgin Media promising to adhere to certain service levels — which they're not. 

I can upgrade for an extra £30 a month or pay around £200 to get out of a deal they've not stuck to.

Oh, and when the COO talked about the Hub 5 last October, saying: “We are excited to give our existing customers first access to the Hub 5, powered by WiFi 6 technology, which will provide even faster WiFi speeds and help unleash the full potential of new devices from next-gen games consoles to the newest smartphones in their homes .. ” he was lying.

Eight months later and they still don't have any.   










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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Complaints

Take the matter to CISAS, the industry complaints adjudicator.  Make a clear case of what the problem is, what outcome you want, your efforts to get the company to resolve it.  If relevant that can include a request for release from contract without penalty due to the persistent poor customer service.  You can go to CISAS with any complaint that isn't resolved to your satisfaction eight weeks after it was raised, so you're good to go now.  Make sure that you add on a request for compensation for the very poor handling of multiple complaints. 

And don't miss the opportunity to do a short summary complaint for Ofcom.  

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