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Joining in

Just a vent as I have never dealt with a a company that has such bad customer service!

After Virgin Media contacting me about get a new ‘free’ TV box as mine was ancient, not only did I have to make a very lengthy call to argue my case; I was then charged nearly fifty pounds?! 

Naturally I complained on the webpage only to find after they have ‘reviewed’ my account the charge stands?

Livid is an understatement!  Clearly no review took place and this was just an auto response- why even bother to have the complaint service in the first place? 

Another phone call later, and fingers crossed they will take the pending charge off.  Wish I never bothered and just put up with the aging tech. 

If anyone wants a masterclass at making people angry, I suggest u get a job at Virgin.


Dialled in

If by aging tech you mean a TiVo box or V6 box, I believe these run TiVo software that can do stuff the newer boxes cannot do. The TiVo box was the last to have a SCART connection and yes, there are still people on the planet that use that connection now and again, including me. 'Tis true that YouTube on TiVo runs like a snail on valium and later boxes support far more "apps" but I still insist on hanging on to mine. I just restart it often. Similarly, I won't let them switch the Superhub 2AC router for something more modern. It is rock-solid in operation, and I was once told it is/was the most reliable router VM ever issued. If it ain't broke don't fix it. New is not necessarily better!

If you think VM customer service is bad, try British Gas. I had the misfortune to be a customer of theirs for a few months when Ebico folded and I have never known such truly appalling customer service in my life. It wasn't the agents, more the impossibility of getting to speak to someone in the first place, and the total uselessness of the system they had to work with. Bills were works of fiction. They still owe me money now!