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Apologies if this is in the wrong place.

As a loyal customer of Virgin Media (for too many years), I have to say the customer service is terrible. How difficult can it be to have a hub moved from one room to another.

It has taken over a month, online chat, numerous phone calls, engineer visit that costs £99 (and nothing was done), a Team arriving to dig up our newly laid drive, more phone calls, promise of call backs, complaints.... and the list goes on.

We can't even get through to anyone to cancel our package and leave, as no one actually answers the phone. 

Is there any other way of contacting Virgin Media? All we want is to have our hub moved. If this is not possible, then we want to cancel.

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Re: Complaint

to get your hub moved you need to speak to CS and request the work be done.

i'm a little confused though, you said you already had an engineer visit, but nothing was done? you wouldn't have been charged for a visit where no work was carried out.

also, why did you have your driveway dug up? a hub move wouldn't require that. if no work was carried out why was the driveway dug up?


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