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Settling in

I have been trying to cancel my service. My current contract expires on the 24th November and I do not wish to continue. But am finding it really difficult to do this. When I have phoned I have been on hold for 30+ minutes then fobbed off and told I am unable to cancel! On another call once it was finally answered I was then talked to for 1.36 minutes before I could even speak, the operative then told me she was putting me through to to disconnection service then cut me off. And now I cannot get through at all. 
I do not want to continue with virgin after 20+ years being a loyal customer Ive finally run out of steam. I just want the service to end on the 24th and send the equipment back. 
please don’t tell me to give 30 days notice and put it writing. 


Alessandro Volta

VM's obstructive cancellation processes are why it is being investigated by OFCOM at the moment.

You can keep trying on the phones, chat, Whatsapp but it is very likely you will just meet further delay from VM.

Putting a 30 day notice in by writing is, indeed, archaic in 2023. If, however, you simply wish to leave VM with no further discussion or negotiation then it does seem to be one of the more reliable methods to cancel as reported on here.

A first-class signed for service is advised to avoid any VM 'confusion' arising from delivery confirmation.

Writing in also complies with VM's T&Cs section T3 which says the notification of cancellation applies 2 working days after you posted it.

You are unlikely to get a VM forum team reply here in 'Community Natter' but, if you just want to cancel, you may not need one.

Super solver

Goslow is right. 

Also consider letting Ofcom know all about your cancellation experience with VM

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Dialled in

However you do it, you have to give thirty days notice. I sent my letter on the same day that I signed up with a new supplier. Part of their process was a check to see if my phone number could be transferred. I got a text from VM the same day and phone call two days later with a good deal which I turned down . During that call they confirmed that they had the letter.

Tuning in

Join the club I had the same difficulty and when I eventually managed it they marked my credit file as in arrears on 07/11/23 3 days before my final payment due date on 10/11/23 which was successfully taken from my bank account on the due date. Totally incompetent and the most unhelpful company I’ve ever dealt with. Battling with them now to get my credit score corrected it’s a joke