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Cancellation charges never aware of

I have recently received a bill from Virgin Media to inform me that although I've been with them over 2 years they have charged me for cancelling my Phone and TV (Kept broadband) with them. The total charge was:Contract Termination Fee TV £121.20
Contract Termination Fee Phone £109.08
One-off charges & credits total£230.28
Other fees, charges & credits total £230.28
I was so upset to see this as the reason I cancelled was because I can not afford my current bills and thought Virgin TV was a luxury I did not need. I have recently gone down to 1 day/week in my job as I have 3 children. 1 at school 1 in part time nursery and a 2 year old who is with me all day and I am a lone parent. I called them straight away to disagree with this charge as I was not told at the time of cancelling that I was in contract and who incur such a steep charge.They then agreed to credit this amount to me. Today I looked online to see that the credit has not been applied and they are taking the money by DD on 25th May. It has scared me as there will not be any funds in my bank to cover this huge bill.
I called them again today to be told the credit was rejected by management because in February I called them to say I was struggling to pay the £92 bill and they dropped it to £73 by offering me promotional discounts. I was delighted but unaware that they renewed by contract with them and I couldn't leave their services for another 18 months.
- I was never told about a contract renewal.
- I was never told when cancelling that I would incur charges because I was in contract.I left the phone call today in tears. I don't know what to do.
Please can I have some help and advise on this.
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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Cancellation charges never aware of

Straight down to Citizen's Advice Bureau.

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)