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Cable Across my garden

Virgin want to run a cable across my front garden for another property as they do not have a front garden,what I would like to know who is responsible for the cable if it is damaged on my land & what if someone trips over or hurts themselves on it as it cannot be buried due to the fact it is paved.Also a cable was run a year ago at another property & they just dropped the cable across a communal footpath & poured concrete over it creating a tripping hazard in the dark & as the cable would come from my property would I be liable for that.

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Re: Cable Across my garden


Our cables should not be run across the top of any footpaths for health & safety reasons, if we have to go through a footpath there should be a small channel dug out with the cable buried in and cemented over smooth. Is there no alternative for them to run the cable at all?

As for liability, as far as I know you would not be liable just because it has been run across your property, it is not servicing you and you have not installed the cable, so there should be no liability for you.

Hope this helps!

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