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Bill from O2 ?

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I have received an immediate payment required letter from O2, with all the treats of debt collection and court followed by an advisory note that my credit rating will be affected.

I do not have a mobile with O2 and have never had a Virgin mobile.

So I took the plunge and called their customer services (on the upside at least you get to speak to a real person.....eventually) about farcical!

We need to send a code to your registered mobile (you cant I do not have one registered with you)

So we will send the code to the email you have registered with us (again you cant as I have never registered an email with you, all that will happen is I will not pass the security process you are reading off your screen)

I have sent the email can you see it...(no as I have no idea what email account you are referring to as I have never registered one with O2)

Check your spam folder it may be there (No nothing there as you do not have my email address, because I have never registered one with O2 or have I ever needed to as I have not had a contract with O2)

So you cannot see the email (correct I cannot)

Well in that case sir I cannot help you as you cannot pass the security (no s%$£ sherlock that's what I told you 10 minutes ago and the same to the previous 5 individuals I have been passed round. I just need someone to tell me what the £6.00 charge is for ) 

I want to help sir but you need to activate the code I've sent, this is about the migration of a free virgin sim on to O2 (so how is a free sim going to cost £6.00 and what is this free sim I know nothing about)

It is part of your package, you need to speak with Virgin media (Arrrrrrggggggghhhhh)

So on to virgin media customer care on line..............Oh wait, hold on, the system is made so you don't get to actually speak with anyone and my particular issue isn't in any list to get resolved online?

Can some one just give me a Virgin media number to call so I can actually speak to someone that is 

  1. on a clear line and doesn't sound like they are in an office located on the dark side of the moon.
  2. able to help with the particular issue, even though it is an O2 letter they have said its a virgin problem.

Thanks for allowing me to sound off.... 


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Were you able to solve this and how?

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It does sound like the free SIM might have been part of a package deal which the OP has then forgotten about. With Virgin moving SIMs over to O2 then they’ll start charging you £6 as the migration process is pretty flawed.

I have something similar, had a free SIM with a deal which moved to O2 and I now pay £6 for it but similar to the OP the SIM has been moved with a username and password that I know nothing about, email address is an address so like the OP I can’t pass their security checks as I have no idea what that email is or even how to access it.

Went round in circles between Virgin and O2 and I gave up in the end just accepting that I’m paying £6 for the SIM!


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