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Asking Virginmedia to install it's Broadband in my building


I was a Virgimedia customer for many years, then I moved house a few times and I now live in a Housing Association small block of Flats on the ground floor. Unfortunately when these Flats were built SKY was installed over 12 years ago so I am restricted to using ADSL.

I have registered with Virginmedia to contact me when they will be able to get around installing Broad Band into my building, but this has been many years now and even though I have checked to keep registering it keeps saying "You have already registered with us"

Virginmedia is in my area as the block of Flats next to my building now has Virginmedia installed into that one over a year ago.

So my question is, who can I email to ask when Virginmedia will finally get around to installing Broad Band into my building? as I so miss the speeds I use to get when I was a VM customer,

So in the meantime I am reduced to using SKY with its ADSL supposed 69mbs (more like 60 on a good day) I did enquire about there Ultra Fast Broad Band and said there ADSL is old now to which I was told:  "At this point of time we can not confirm when we will be able to give you a time or date to when the Ultra BB will be available to you"

So I am forced to carry on using out of date service and carrying on paying £28 a month 🙁

Would it worth contacting the Housing Association and asking them could they contact VM ?

Does VM need special permission from the HA to install there cables ?

Thanks for any info..


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Re: Asking Virginmedia to install it's Broadband in my building

VM & the tenant both need the written consent of the building owner / management agent to perform any kind of work at a multi unit property.

Many building owners are very reluctant to grant permission as it often results in a chaotic mess of external cables and multiple disruptions of their gardens, grounds, drives and pavements each time another tenant orders a service.

£28 per month for FTTC at 60Mb/s very decent and it is a fraction of where the monthly fees will end up with Virgin Media.